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Volunteer Journal: Massachusetts to New Hampshire

From now through November, volunteers from Massachusetts will be traveling to New Hampshire to talk to voters about why we need to elect President Obama this year to keep moving our country forward. One group of volunteers from Boston decided to keep a journal about a recent trip they took to New Hampshire – check it out and then sign up to be a part of a carpool near you this weekend... and in the weeks to come.

10:30 am: Meeting up to carpool
Our team Boston team met at a local coffee shop near the green line train. Fully caffeinated and in good spirits, we hit the road to New Hampshire!

Meeting up for Day of Action in NH

10:40 am: Connecting with the New Hampshire team
Once we hit cruising speed, we called our local field organizer to let her know that we were on our way, and found out that we were one of more than twenty carpools, all headed up from different towns across Massachusetts.

11:15 am: Pit stop
We stopped at a rest stop just over the New Hampshire border, and who did we find? Our fellow volunteer team from Jamaica Plain, on their way to Manchester. After sharing a few stories and taking a quick photo, we wished them luck and continued on our way.

Boston and Jamaica Plain OFA Teams

11:40 am: Arrival and training
Our team made it to Londonderry, where we were greeted warmly by Ken, a New Hampshire field organizer. Ken talked to us about the turf we’d be canvassing, trained us on tactics for knocking on doors, and sent us out with all of the materials and clipboards we needed. We were fired up to get started.

Londonderry NH OFA Office

12:00 pm: Talking with New Hampshire voters
For the next few hours we knocked on doors in a residential neighborhood, talking to folks about why it’s so important to elect the President this November. It was a beautiful spring day and many folks were out tending to their lawns and gardens in the sun.

Door-Knocking in NH

3:45 pm: Enjoying the local flavor
After we finished canvassing for the day, we returned to meet Ken and several volunteers back at the office. They fed us, thanked us, and we told them we’d see them soon. On our way home we took a detour to a local ice cream shop to celebrate the great day we had had. It was a perfect end to a successful day, and we all agreed that we’re looking forward to coming back to New Hampshire soon.

End of Day Treat

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