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All thanks to you

I'll be the first to admit that we ask a lot of people throughout the year. Today I want you to know that it's paying off. We set our sights on winning the August congressional recess—and that's exactly what we did, making progress and leading the conversation on issue after issue. Thank you to everyone who played a role in that.

Every Friday, the entire OFA staff from across the country gets on the phone together to talk about where we are and where we're going as an organization. When we launched Action August, I told everyone in that meeting that this was the biggest test our organization would face in its first year. We had talked a big game about what we thought we could accomplish, and it was up to our volunteers and supporters to come through.

We've seen how August can go wrong—many of us still look back at the summer of 2009 and wince, because we lost so much momentum in the fight to reform health care. Because OFA supporters didn't let up, we turned the tide this August. We owned this summer.

But we didn't offer up our time and energy just to "win" a month. We came here to win things like comprehensive immigration reform and gun violence prevention. We came to fight the myths on Obamacare, and call out the climate change deniers in Congress who are putting our future at risk.

And the biggest lesson I've learned so far is you don't stop organizing—not for a minute. I know not everyone can get out there and put in several hours each week, but if you're willing to fight for what you believe in, now is a great time to go for it.


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