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Virginia Is In and Talking About Progressive Conversations


Virginia G. recently sat down with a volunteer organizer in her community for a one-on-one discussion about why she is supporting President Obama’s 2012 campaign, and how her energies and talents might be used to help grow our grassroots network here in Missouri.

Virginia is part of a group of progressive bloggers in Missouri, and feels strongly about the use of social media in conjunction with print media to increase the volume in the conversation about progressive ideas.

"I think we should make the conversation about real issues facing our country, and real solutions.” It is imperative that we take back our country: back from the corporate interests; back from the wall street and financial thieves; back from the legislators who have forgotten the middle class. Those changes begin with energized, truthful participation in the conversation.”

Virginia is excited about President Obama’s 2012 Campaign and the opportunities it provides for progressive supporters like her to unify through social media and educate, enlighten and spread a progressive message of change.

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