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Virginia is for Organizers: Yo Soy Susana

Susana Raquel Berger
Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD
Organizer for Lee District and Capitán Latinos por Obama in Fairfax County
PADI certified deepwater scuba diver and tap dances

“Organizing Latinos por Obama in Arlington in 2008 will forever be a point of pride,” said Susana Berger, a field organizer in Fairfax County.

Since her time organizing in 2008, Susana had been studying abroad. When the chance to organize for President Obama arose, she couldn’t resist. She said:

“It was painful to leave the work I'd been doing in Panamá, but I would never have forgiven myself if I didn't do everything possible to get President Obama four more years to better this country. I have never seen a person better suited for the job.”

Over the years, Susana had personally benefited from the Obama presidency in “so many emotional and concrete ways.”

“In the last year I was able to get covered through my parent’s health insurance. I don't know about other 25-year-olds but that extra $1000 made my year a whole lot less stressful. I eagerly await the opportunity to see whose lives he improves with the next four years.”

Susana also feels strongly about President Obama’s stance on women’s issues, citing that his strong belief that the most qualified individuals to make informed medical decisions for women are medical professionals and women themselves.

“I feel so grateful to have a President who, regardless of personal or religious beliefs, understands the importance of that correlation and has upheld policies that will protect his own daughters and granddaughters for decades to come. President Obama is the only candidate in this election under whose leadership I trust will protect my sister, my friends.”

Today, Susana is busy hitting the streets registering voters, working with Fairfax neighborhood teams, and putting her all into making sure Virginia stays blue in November.

“Tenemos que unirnos para mostrar nuestro poder para cambiar el futuro de este país. (Translation: We must unite to show the power we have to change the future of this country.)

We couldn’t agree more. Unite with Susanna to help organize your community and move this country forward.

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