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“Virginia has come too far to turn around”


Although the summer has winded down for students, things have been kicking into full gear on college campuses across the state thanks to students like Laura, who wrote in about her summer fellowship and her commitment to organizing on the Virginia Tech campus this semester.

I knew at the end of my fellowship in Danville, Virginia that once I returned to Virginia Tech in the fall, I would get involved with the OFA group there. I had come too far to turn around, as getting President Obama reelected in November is not a choice to me—it’s a necessity. My involvement in this campaign wasn’t about just finding some way to spend my summer. It's about providing opportunity to people in places like Danville, where unemployment remains high due to outsourcing. It's about giving kids in places like Pittsylvania County a chance to go to college and pursue a higher education. It's about ensuring that my fellow students at Virginia Tech won't have to see student loan interest rates spike when they can least afford it. It's about putting the greatest president of our generation back in the White House for another four years.

Virginia is a swing state, and a big one at that. Virginia has the potential to decide whether President Obama can continue to develop an America built to flourish and last. Losing this election is not an option for places like Danville, Pittsylvania County, or Blacksburg. Just like so much of this country, Virginia has come too far to turn around to the same old policies that Governor Mitt Romney vows to return to. Losing Virginia is not an option and we can't afford to quit now. President Obama has spent everyday of the last four years working to make our lives better, and we must continue to make sure he can continue his work. We can't just quit when it’s time to return to school or when our fellowships are over. We have to continue fighting.

– Laura Oganowski

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