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Views from the road: Education and Medicare

Joe Biden in Blacksburg

"The Hokies welcome the Vice President to Blacksburg, Virginia!"

Michael M. volunteers every Thursday at his local Obama 2012 office in Blacksburg. After seeing Vice President Biden speak to supporters at Virginia Tech University today, he decided he’s ready to take his support to the next level by hosting a house party for the 2012 convention next month.

Michael Since the event was held on the campus of Virginia Tech, education was a hot topic of conversation. Michael W. is excited to keep pushing for the Democratic values he was raised on. His advice for college students? “Look a little bit toward the future ... your voice is important.”

To Annette from Christiansburg, the Obama administration’s student loan reform was crucial:

"I don't think any young person in the United States should be denied an education just because they can't afford it."

But Medicare is the issue at the top of Annette’s list. It’s more important now than ever, with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s plan to replace Medicare with a voucher system.

"I worked 41 years and put into Medicare, and I need it as a senior citizen."

"A system of vouchers sounds like a system where there are limits,” Chris says. "We can't back down on our promises to our senior citizens."


In the final 83 days of this campaign, Nancy plans to get involved by knocking on doors in her community.

"I think [the President and Vice President] are good for the whole country. They have good ideas that will carry us the long distance that we need to go.”

As Vice President Biden wraps up the final day of his latest stint on the campaign trail, Nancy has only one thing to tell him: "Keep up the good work!"

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