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Vice President Rob Portman

Very soon, we'll know if Mitt Romney is choosing Ohio's Senator Rob Portman as his running mate.

Which means there's work to be done.

While Portman's name has been floating around as a potential pick for Romney for a while now, most Americans don't know anything about him.

If and when Romney does select him, we need to be able to tell the full story about his record on Day One, which could very well be in the next few days.

Share what you think Americans need to know about Senator Portman, and why a Romney-Portman administration would be terrible for middle-class families.

Rob Portman has been an Ohio senator for two years now, but the most damning pieces of his record involve choices he made as a senior member of the Bush-Cheney administration and conservative congressman, the consequences of which still reverberate on a national scale. As one of the architects of the top-down Bush budget, Portman practically invented the policies that punished middle-class families while exploding the deficit, and crashing our economy.

We need to make sure he isn't elevated to a position where he can do it again, this time, as vice president.

Let's make sure we're ready.

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