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Vice President Biden visits Exeter Town Hall

From local volunteers and supporters to a well-timed crying baby, hundreds of New Hampshire residents connected with Vice President Biden’s message on tax fairness during today’s visit to Exeter:

“It really is a simple, straightforward proposition. There’s nothing very complicated about this. We believe, as I suspect most of you do—Democrats and Republicans—we believe it’s fundamentally unfair to ask some middle-class families to pay more, and to lose more opportunity, so a millionaire can pay less.

“So when you all pay your taxes next week, you and every citizen in New Hampshire and my home state of Delaware ought to be able to know that everyone else is paying their fair share as well. But the truth is, you know they’re not. The truth is, when you pay those taxes you know not everyone is paying their fair share.”

Folks in New Hampshire couldn’t agree more.

“I think that Joe Biden and President Obama care about us—the middle class—and I think they speak the truth,” said Karen, a cook and volunteer. “It’s about time the tax code was refurbished so it not only benefits the wealthy but helps everybody. I’m not even considered middle class—I’m lower than that with the money I make. It gets hard—sometimes it’s difficult to pay for heat in the winter.”

Karen was also struck by the Vice President’s news about student loan rates:

“This summer, the interest rate on student loans is set to double. We are pushing Congress to hold it at what it is, 3.8 percent,” the Vice President said. “It’s going to double now, unless we enact the President’s plan.”

“I wasn’t aware of that,” Karen responded. “Students are having a tough enough time already, so we’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“That’s a shocker,” agreed Allan, an accountant. “I mean—I have one of those! But I was impressed with where they’re going in terms of wanting to put more money in education—that’s one of the important things, and investing in the American people.

“I think he explained [the Buffett Rule] pretty well: how it affects us—the middle class—and that most millionaires are patriotic, but they’re just doing what they’re legally able to do.”

Maitree, a homemaker from Exeter, gave her impression of the Vice President—and shared her favorite moment from the speech:

“This was my first time coming to see Joe Biden, and he’s such a natural. Not fake, and not processed. Just down to earth.

“There was a little baby who is a month and a half old who started fussing. Her mom tried to quiet her down several times, and just at the point in his speech when he’s talking about what Romney’s economic plan would do, the baby really started wailing. And he just turned it right around—instead of being disturbed, he said: ‘I don’t blame her for crying. She’s going to inherit it … That’s one smart baby!’ And I thought that was priceless.”

Read the Vice President’s full remarks here, and learn more about the positive impact the Buffett Rule could have on issues that affect us all.

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