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Vice President Biden surprises volunteers in Manchester

Volunteers in our Manchester office got a surprise visit from Vice President Joe Biden yesterday. He swung by to talk to supporters about the choice that we all face when we head to the polls in just 8 days time. He took this opportunity to thank our volunteers for their hard work and commitment to this campaign.

“I wanted to come today to say thank you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, thank you. New Hampshire reminds me more of Delaware than any other state. Everybody knows everybody; everybody knows the topics at hand, it’s pretty clear where Granite Staters stand on things. You must make hard choices but it gets down to going out, knocking on doors and getting people to the polls."

“That’s what this is all about. The reason I’m confident about winning this race is because of the hard work you guys are putting in. You guys are the best volunteer effort this country has ever seen. Over the next 9 days, we have to stay the course, with a clear vision and a steady hand. You will remember this election, you will say to your kids and your grandkids that you were involved in this election, not because of Barack and Joe Biden but because of what’s at stake.”

This election will come down to how many people come out and vote. We need your help over the next 8 days to make sure people get to the polls. It really is going to be that close. Spare just a couple of hours and you can secure the next four years for President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Get Out the Vote

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