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Vice President Biden speaks to auto workers in Lordstown, Ohio

Vice President Biden in Lordstown, Ohio

“[But] for the sacrifices you made, and the courage of the President, all those GM plants would have closed. The 200,000 auto workers who’ve been added to the employment rolls would not be working. And a million jobs would have been lost.”
—Vice President Biden on the auto industry recovery

“What he’s doing is great. He’s on the right track, and we need to keep him office to keep things working and to make sure we don’t go back. A lot of people would have been laid off, and if the industry went under, people would have lost their pensions.”
—Philip, retired auto industry worker

“Romney would slash education, in lockstep with Gov. Kasich. All of President Obama and Vice President Biden’s policies support teachers, who educate and build our future. I love Joe Biden, because he says what he means. He’s worked hard all his life, he understands the American people and the middle class.”
—Pam, retired teacher and woman for Obama

“I’m a line technician and work on the Chevy Cruz with pride. Every person I see out on the street, I ask them how they like their Cruz, and not one of them have told me they didn’t love it. I’m proud that it’s made in Ohio. I watched Mitt Romney’s speech last night—he’s definitely a businessman, but I don’t think our country should be run like a business. He said, ‘let Detroit go bankrupt,’ and that was the wrong thing to do. President Obama believes in the American worker, and he’s shown it.”
—Mark, veteran and auto worker

“Supporting the President is about jobs and taking care of the middle class. We have to move forward, and that’s the direction President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are taking us—850,000 jobs in Ohio depend on the auto industry, and they saved those jobs.”
—Will, UAW member

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