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Veterans, OFA Supporters Celebrate Halloween and President Obama’s Achievements in Gilbert

What do two fairies, a knight, a princess, a butterfly, a witch, and an astronaut have in common? They all came to celebrate a Halloween House Party for President Obama in Gilbert! OFA supporters joined Fall Fellow Marianne D.R. Herricht to celebrate Halloween at supporters Amanda and Christina Shelley’s house with pizza, wings and candy. They also shared personal stories about why they support Barack Obama.


“My reason is very selfish,” said Marianne, wearing her Minnie Mouse ears and sitting next to her husband Brian H., dressed in his real-life Army uniform. “President Barack Obama is ending the war in Iraq, and safely brought my husband home from deployment. I support him because he supports my family.”

Another veteran, Ryan W., came with his wife Kate, and their three children, daughters Siobhan, 11, and Sinead, 9, and son Aodhan, 6. Kate shared why she feels connected to Barack Obama.

“His background is similar to mine,” she said. “So when people question his character, are they questioning mine? I love my country, and am proud to be an American, just like President Obama”. Ryan and his family lived overseas for several years while he was stationed in Italy.

The group watched the President’s speech where he promised to bring the troops home from Iraq by Christmas, and ensure employment opportunities when they return through the American Jobs Act. They also talked about how to support President Obama in Arizona. Find out what Marianne and the rest of the Fall Fellows are planning here:

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