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Veterans Can’t Wait

I'm In - Tyler Miller

When I separated from the United States Army in 2006 I entered in to a job market that was less than booming. The difficulty I encountered then is slight compared to what many soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines face when they come home. And thanks to President Obama announcing that all American troops in Iraq will be home by the end of the year, thousands of veterans will return to their families eager to see what’s next. Many of them will enter the job market looking for an opportunity to work in a field that they deem fit. They’ll trade their camouflage for khakis and boots for wingtips in a heartbeat. They can’t wait as Republicans block the American Jobs Act.

Among the many programs that make up the Act, including cutting payroll taxes, preventing teacher layoffs and rebuilding infrastructure, one key item caught my eye.

As a veteran, my primary point of interest in the American Jobs Act is the “Returning Heroes” tax credit. This incentive provides $5,600 in incentives for employers to hire veterans who have been out of work for more than six months. For wounded servicemen and women that credit jumps up to $9,600. It’s a huge incentive for employers to fill a vacant position with a prior-service individual, and one that will certainly produce more honorably discharged veterans with steady jobs in the future.

The American Jobs Act is the righteous way to impress upon veterans the worth of our service and the value of our labor.

Help pass the American Jobs Act and put our veterans to work. Sign up for a phonebank with Tyler in Silverlake today.

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