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Valerie Jarrett Visits OFA-CA Los Angeles Offices

On Friday, September 14th, Valerie Jarrett, Senior Democratic Strategist, traveled to OFA California offices across Los Angeles to thank volunteers for their tireless effort. Over the course of the day, she visited the South East LA, Crenshaw and Santa Monica offices and fired up hundreds of supporters who turned out to hear her inspiring words.

Valerie Jarrett shared the story of how when she offered the future First Lady a job, Michelle insisted her potential boss meet her fiancé Barack before accepting. As Jarrett said, “the rest is history.”

Hearing from volunteers in the crowd about their challenges and frustrations, Jarrett drew one of the strongest reactions of the day by relaying what she tells people who think President Obama should get angry in the face of adversity: “It takes far more strength to keep moving forward.”

Before taking photos with members of the Crenshaw team, Jarrett urged everyone in attendance to stay and get on the phones because “there’s a lot of work to do!”

Heed her call and find a local office or phonebank event near you today.

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