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"You can choose"

President Obama speaks to the crowd in Virginia

“Our economic strength does not come from the top down. It comes from students and workers and small business owners and a growing, thriving middle class. That's who we're fighting for. And in just over two months, you can make a decision about which path we take …

“You can choose whether we cede new jobs and new industries to countries like China, or whether we fight for those jobs here in Virginia, here in the United States—by investing in the research of our scientists, investing in the drive of our students, and investing in the innovation that harnesses new sources of energy and brings new generations of manufacturing to places like Charlottesville and Richmond.”
—President Obama in Charlottesville, Virginia

Speaking to a crowd of thousands of young voters near the University of Virginia, President Obama described the choice that voters face this election. Here’s what some supporters in Charlottesville had to say about why they’re choosing President Obama:

“I love Barack Obama because his policies are for working people and people like me: small business owners and women. I see this election as a choice between a president who wants to move America toward the future and people who want to keep us in the past.”
—Debbie, a small business owner and new U.S. citizen

A handshake in Charlottesville

“We're really supportive of Obama, his push for education loans, grants, all of it!”
—Bernadette, graduate student in psychology at U-VA

“I took my daughter to the inauguration festivities on the coldest day of the year. Now we're here on what feels like the hottest day of the year. We're big supporters of the President.”
—Tracey, a parent for Obama

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