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Women's Weekend of Action

Women from Roanoke to Manassas joined in for the Women's Weekend of Action.

“I’m here to show my support for women,” Kathy from Prince William County said. “We make up more than half the electorate and we’re not going anywhere.”

Women like Kathy picked up canvass packs at their local campaign offices, and headed out to talk to women in key neighborhoods about what’s at stake in the November election. The canvassing experience, Kathy said, was heartening, having lively conversations with women with many differing philosophies.

“I think what you see when women engage with other women face-to-face at their doors is that it adds a sense of urgency to the work we are doing,“ Kathy said. “It boggles my mind how out-of-touch Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are when it comes to women’s issues. When women get together to talk about these issues, you see some movement.”

On the issue of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Kathy was disappointed that Gov. Romney has not commented on whether or not he’d support this important stepping stone for women’s rights. “’We’ll get back to you on that’ is not good enough,” she said. “We need a president like Barack Obama who will say what he believes and will stand with women and families of Virginia.”

Thanks to all the women who braved the rain this weekend!

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