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Women Standing Up and Moving Forward

Victoria Cochran

If women get out and vote for President Obama this November, we’ll win by a landslide. If they sit on the sidelines, we’ll lose. Women have too much at stake this election not to get involved to move this country forward.

President Obama’s support for women is key for Virginia women whose health and reproductive rights have been trampled on in the state legislature. We can do something about it if we get the women’s vote out.

In so many Southwest Virginia households, women are the breadwinners, but they are not receiving equal pay. In an area where unemployment is higher than elsewhere in the state, that’s really hurting families. President Obama understands that the issues we face are shared by other rural communities across the country and he is working to make sure women have equal pay and access to affordable health care.

President Obama’s visit this week gives us a chance to show him that, here in rural Virginia, there is a lot of support. The Southwest Virginia Women For Obama team will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder in our blue Obama t-shirts this week in Roanoke to tell him, “We support you!”

We know that if we lose the White House, everything that is important to women and middle-class families will be dialed back. People are fed up with the hypocrisy from the other side and the promises that are out of reach of hardworking middle-class families.

We have too much at stake in this election to sit on the sidelines in this election. Women need to stand up and move this country forward together.

Move Forward

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