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Why Obamacare Is Critical for Our Country

Susan supports Obamacare
Susan believes Obama supports everyone, not just the most well-off

Susan knows how much our country needs Obamacare. She’s a nurse who works with critically ill and disabled children; too often she sees parents struggle to pay for their kids’ medications and care. Sometimes a mother or father will stop taking their own medicines in order for their children to get the medical attention they need.

“The stories are heartbreaking,” she said.

Sometimes parents can’t afford to pay for a sick child’s care at all. Under Obamacare, Susan believes children would get the care they need because it eliminates restrictions on pre-existing conditions, lessening financial stress on parents who are already distressed about their children’s illnesses.

Susan works at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington and lives in Woodbridge, VA, a town of working families. Her husband is in the military and they have a six-year-old daughter. When she heard that the President was coming to Woodbridge recently, she was elated – and made sure she had the day off.

“I was excited to see all the support for the President,” she said. “I believe in what he stands for. He had to make some tough decisions and he turned the country around.”

In addition to health care reform, Susan cited Obama’s reinvigorating the auto industry, his financial stimulus program and his belief in prioritizing higher education.

As the sign she carried proclaims, she believes Obama supports all Americans, not just the most well-off.

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