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We’ve Come too Far to Go Back Now

Gov. Jennifer Granholm joined knocked on doors in a neighborhood in Arlington to help get out the word about this election.

It was a beautiful fall Saturday in North Arlington and the OFA-VA office was bustling with activity when former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm stopped by to say hello. A lucky group of Arlingtonians kicked off their canvassing training with a personal story from Governor Granholm on why she is such an ardent supporter of the president. For Governor Granholm, she felt especially indebted to the president for rescuing the American automotive industry, saving jobs and livelihoods in Michigan.

Diana, a law student and volunteer shared the sentiments of Governor Granholm, as her step-father was a steel worker.

“Because of President Obama’s decision to save the auto industry, my step-father, a steel worker, was able to find another job after being laid-off to support my family as the auto industry picked backed up. As a result of this and President Obama’s health care policies, I am able to be covered under my step-father’s health insurance as a student.”

Following her motivational speech, Governor Granholm canvased with a few volunteers in Arlington. Lizzy, a former public school teacher, was lucky enough to tag along. As she noted:

“We had quite a few great conversations and made a real impact in the community. For example, we spoke with an elderly woman whose husband was in poor health, and made sure that she had all the information and materials for him to cast an absentee ballot.”

As Governor Granholm told the Arlington volunteers, our country has moved forward too far to go back now. Join Diana, Lizzie, and Governor Granholm to get out the vote today.

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