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"We need this guy in office"

Kim of Old Dominion
Kim is an Old Dominion University student studying English. She's ready to move the country forward for affordable education.

“Initially I was hesitant to volunteer,” said Kim, a 21-year-old Old Dominion University student and campus voter registration captain, “Not because I didn’t care, but because there were too many excuses to say that I couldn’t. But taking a step back, and seeing what President Obama has done for young people like me, makes me realize that we need this guy in office.”

According to Kim, it’s things like President Obama’s fight to keep student loan interest rates low so that higher education can be affordable for more Americans. It’s things like healthcare reform that gives her peace of mind while she focuses on her studies.

“I am motivated to make sure my fellow students understand the importance of this year’s election,” she said. “All the progress made that helps young people in so many ways—student loan reform, healthcare reform, women’s rights—that’s all going down the drain if we don’t reelect President Obama."

“There is too much at stake for students like me. I’m fired up to get my fellow Monarchs registered to vote—and out to vote in November. We’ve got to get the job done.”

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