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Virginia Delegates: More phone calls, more door knocking

Charlotte Day 1

The convention is now over, and Democrats are heading back to their respective states fired up by inspiring speeches from Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, and President Obama. A delegation of Virginians was on hand following President Obama's speech to give us their thoughts.

"When [President Obama] shared that he gets inspiration from the American people," said Yvonne from Virginia Beach. "It really motivates me to work twice has hard than before to help him get re-elected in November."

The president's message on strengthening the middle class in particular resonated with Yvonne. "When you listen to President Obama speak, you know that he sees the issues impacting the Americans from our perspective, since he has faced similar challenges in his life. A lot of Democrats will leave Charlotte knowing they can do more and work harder to support President Obama's re-election."

John, a delegate from Hampton Roads, was struck with pride during the convention.

I was very proud to hear list of President Obama's accomplishments over the past four years. We understand that we have to work hard to get him re-elected—We all understand what's at stake. Democrats are more focused on making more phone calls, knocking on more doors and focused on spreading the word about President Obama's achievements.

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