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Virginia Commonwealth University Move-in Week

Move-in day
Many students took a minute to get registered to vote this week. (Photo: Alessandra Stevens)

Thousands of students rode up to Virginia Commonwealth University’s Richmond campus this weekend to begin the next chapter of their lives. While students took breaks from moving boxes out of their cars into their dorm rooms, many took a breather to register to vote thanks to some help from our volunteers and organizers.

One newly-registered student appreciated the opportunity to register and expressed the importance of doing so:

“As the youth vote, it is our responsibility to change the attitude of our peers, and of the country. We should all go vote. It is our civic duty, our right, and frankly a responsibility to ourselves and society. By voting now, we shape the future into the future we want it to be.”
- Chris, student

Find a voter registration event near you and help us make sure that every voice is heard in this election:

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