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Victoria in Blacksburg: “Time is all I’ve got”

Victoria (left) and Jenna, Virginia Tech Field Organizer, review registration forms

If you have a big job to do, find a busy person to do it. Someone like Victoria.

Victoria volunteers eight to ten hours a day as a Neighborhood Team Leader for the Obama campaign.

That's in her spare time -- she's actually a full-time graduate student at Virginia Tech, working toward a master's degree in public and international affairs.

"Honestly, I do my best work when I'm very busy," she said. "It's too easy to procrastinate when you have plenty of time to put things off."

As we close in on Election Day 2012, time becomes a precious commodity.

"We have a good core group of volunteers, and a lot of what I do is to motivate them,” she said. “Because they're donating their time, it's important for me to reassure them that their time is so crucial for the campaign, the President and for the country."

Much of the focus for Victoria and her group had been getting Tech students registered to vote -- some 5,000 new voters before the Oct. 15 deadline.

Now, attention is turning to making sure everyone understands the process, knows what they need and -- most important -- gets to the polls on Nov. 6.

"We've already had a representative from the State Board of Elections here to explain the voter laws. We'll continue that process with voter education programs, letting students know what they need to be prepared for election day. We'll be stressing signing 'Commit to Vote' cards, we'll be canvassing to make sure we can turn out the Obama supporters, we'll be reminding Tech students of the importance of voting, and we'll be lining up transportation to make sure that everyone who needs a ride to the polls can get there."

Victoria is confident that the students are prepared. "All students are going to have their Hokie Passport -- that's our student ID card here. So whether they remember their voter ID card or not, they're going to have their Hokie Passport with them and we've been letting them know that that is adequate ID."

Victoria volunteered for Obama in 2008 when she was an undergraduate student at James Madison University. But she is much more active this go-around.

"I just felt it was more crucial this time. Not that it was easy to win in '08, but now we're having to defend against the attacks to the President's policies and I believe it's important to step up and help him.

"Since I'm a college student, I don't have any money to donate," she said with a laugh.

"Time is all I've got."

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