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Vice President Biden in Lynchburg: “This is real”

Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden joined Lynchburg residents this past Saturday at the Lynchburg City Armory. Both Dr. Biden and Vice President Biden talked to supporters about what was at stake for women and middle class families.

The Vice President also spoke on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s flip-flopping on proposed $5 trillion taxcut for the wealthy and massive spending cuts to education and environmental programs, and what those proposals mean for middle class families:

“[T]he Governor is running away from everything that he said in the last year and a half. And the Congressman is running away from everything he voted for. I’m not making this up—this is real. They are now abandoning the central tenet of their party’s agenda —They’re counting on the American people to come down with a case of overwhelming amnesia on Nov. the 6. All of a sudden Romney claims he doesn’t have a 5 trillion dollar tax cut that will raise taxes on the middle class.

“The president has a new term for it. He calls it what? Romnesia.

“And guess what? It’s contagious. Because, all of a sudden, Congressman Ryan, the guy picked because of his new ideas about how to cut spending, the guy whose budget passed cutting everything 19 percent across the board, the guy whose budge voucherizes Medicare, all of a sudden, he now says he does not cut those programs. He just slows their growth.

“I’ll tell you whose growth is slowed is yours.

“He eliminates a $2500 tax cut that you middle class parents use to keep your kids in school. Kicks a thousand dollars off of Pell Grants, knocking God knows how many people out of college.

“Saying they’re not cutting education and Medicare and environmental protection, is like saying to the guy in the employment line that he didn’t outsource his job, that he offshored his job. “

Fight Romnesia this Election Day:

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