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Valerie Jarrett Says Volunteers Will Make the Difference

“As we head into the homestretch, it’s going to come down to a lot of hard work from all of us,” Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to the President, told volunteers at the Obama campaign office in McLean.

“This election is going to be razor close” she said, “but we are going to win this election because of turnout. What is making the difference are our volunteers who come out every night to make calls and talk to voters. “

With less than two weeks left before Election Day, she thanked the volunteers for their commitment and encouraged everyone to stay focused.

We’ve got to keep the momentum going and we need everyone’s help to keep the momentum going. This weekend is a big one for GOTV.

Across Virginia, Obama supporters will be out in force canvassing neighborhoods and on the phone banks talking to voters to build support as final campaign week approaches. In this election, turnout is key.

If you have free time and want to volunteer, stop by the Great Falls - McLean Office, or any of the field offices around the state.

It’s all hands on deck now and there’s plenty to do.

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