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Thelma and Alvin: "We do what we can do"

Thelma and Alvin

Thelma and Alvin, from Sterling, were among the very first folks in line on a brisk fall day in Leesburg, Virginia. They’re here to see First Lady Michelle Obama, and, boy, are they excited.

This couple of 52 years loves to volunteer.

“I’m at the Sterling OFA office almost everyday,” said Thelma whose smile makes it hard for this blogger not to smile himself. “We do voter registration, we canvass, we work in the office—we do whatever it takes. We do what we can do.“

And do they do a lot. During a typical week, Thelma and Alvin each put in 20-30 hours

“Sometimes I get up and I feel so tired — but I say, ‘Oh, God. I gotta do this,’” said Thelma. “Volunteering is our way of giving back to the community; it’s our way of making sure we do our part to win for more years for our country with a president who’s been with us all the way.“

This Sterling couple believes in Barack Obama because, according to Thelma, he’s worked hard to keep middle-class taxes low and she’s seen the lives of those around her change for the better because of his policies. “He believes in middle-class America, and he fights for us.”

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