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The Thrill Never Wears Off

Kristin and Jim may be veterans in Democratic politics, but that did not dampen their excitement when they, along with other volunteers, met with President Obama when he stopped by Charlottesville. Though both Kristin and Jim had met the president before, as Kristin says, “the thrill of meeting the president never wears off.”

Kristin’s first meeting with the president was in 2008. Shortly after the 2008 election, she was inspired by President Obama to run for city council, and now is the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville. This time around, she was able to greet the president at the airport, welcoming him to her city as he descended Air Force One. For Kristin, it was truly an amazing experience.

For Kristin’s good friend Jim, President Obama’s visit was a complete surprise. President Obama visited the Charlottesville campaign office, where Jim was taken aback by how the president just appeared like a normal guy in the small crowd of volunteers. As Jim describes:

“It was amazing to see him in such a different setting because we had just seen him in front of thousands of people. He is very good one-on-one, and has a real gift to connect with people. He is genuinely spontaneous and funny, not what you would expect of someone in his position.”

For both Kristin and Jim, meeting with the president was a real treat after working hard hours to reelect the president. When asked about advice on how someone could meet the president, Kristin simply states, “You have to work hard, because this campaign is great at recognizing the efforts of its volunteers.” Jim can confirm, as he says, “it was one of our volunteer’s first days at the office, and we joked to him that every new person gets a presidential greeting.”

Join Kristin and Jim and become a volunteer today. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a presidential greeting on your first day, too.

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