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The Choice for Virginia's Women

Women for Obama in Fairfax, Virginia

“Now, today, I also want to talk about economic issues that didn’t get enough attention in the debate the other night, and that’s economic issues that have a direct impact on women—and as a consequence have a direct impact on families. When it comes to the economy, it’s bad enough that our opponents want to take us back to the failed policies of the last decade. When it comes to a woman’s right to make her own health care choices, they want to take us back to the policies of the 1950s.

“This election is your chance to make sure that doesn’t happen, Virginia. The decisions that affect a woman’s health aren’t up to politicians; they're not up to insurance companies—they’re up to you. They're up to you. You deserve a president who will fight to keep it that way. That’s the president I’ve been. That’s the president I’ll be if you give me a second term.”

Speaking over chants of “four more years!” President Obama talked to the crowd at George Mason University about what’s at stake for women in this election. Here’s what a few women in the audience had to say about the President’s visit:

“It was worth the wait to see President Obama. He never disappoints. We've seen what Republicans have done to women in Virginia—we don't want that happening to the country. I'm here to support him.”


“I'm 57 and I’ve seen my share of the women's rights movement. It's scary to see us all take a step back, and it makes me worry about the future of my daughters. I'll fight by volunteering the 50 hours a week that I put in Arlington. I fight for my daughters.”

“I'm so excited to bring one of my children here today. My daughter needs to have health care choices. That’s why I'm out canvassing and volunteering to get out the vote for Obama—he supports women.”
—Jane, who brought along her 10-year-old daughter Sarah

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