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Team Hillsville: Moving forward

Team Hillsdale

Among those in attendance at Friday’s grassroots event in Roanoke were several members of the Hillsville Neighborhood Team.

Paula the phone bank captain, Janet the co-team captain, and Penney the ‘data ninja’ spoke about the work they were doing in their county and why they were so thrilled the President was in Southwest Virginia.

“We’re very excited to be here and we’re excited to welcome President Obama to Roanoke. Because we’re from a traditionally conservative area, we feel it’s really important to build up our presence for Democrats in our county. “
– Penney
“We’re working very hard doing voter registration, phone banking and reaching out to Democrats in the community who haven’t been active in the past. We’re trying to get as many votes in Carroll County as we can and we’ve started to create a nice core group of active volunteers.”
– Janet
“People are really concerned about this election, they know how important it is and I think that’s one reason why people are really getting involved.”
– Paula

Join volunteers like Paula, Penny and Janet and start volunteering in your community today.

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