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"Reelecting Barack Obama is about dedication”

Jim, Dunn Loring neighborhood team leader

This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Jim, a neighborhood team leader based out of Dunn Loring, Virginia. Working within a key swing state in this election, Jim and his fellow volunteers have been devoting countless hours to registering voters and making sure the President gets reelected.

Jim, a retired technical theatre director, started his work with the campaign a few months ago when he got a phone call from a local volunteer inviting him to a phone bank. Jim attended, and after a couple of phone banks, it became routine. "It got to a point where they asked me if I could take over the area and become a team leader," he said. "Reelecting Barack Obama is about dedication.”

On what he thinks the President is doing to move us forward:

“I think there’s an overall theme to what the President has done, and that’s reaching out and helping as many Americans as possible. Whether it’s legislation to support young Americans, helping immigrants obtain citizenship, defending the rights of gay and lesbian couples, sticking up for women and reproductive rights, or supporting equal pay for equal work, the President is protecting all Americans. When it comes to education, I think it’s important that he’s aiding young people with grants. You never know: the cure for cancer could've came from a student who wasn’t able to afford an education.”

For Jim, the experience of being a neighborhood team leader has been incredible. “In terms of what I’ve done, I think registering new voters is rewarding," he said. "It feels good to register new voters who have never voted before and seeing them get excited about the opportunity.” But what will be most rewarding for Jim will be a victory for President Obama on November 6.

Thanks, Jim, for all the hard work you do!

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