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Rebecca: “This election is really important to my family”

Lucas and Rebecca

Three years after an insurance company threatened to end Rebecca’s coverage during a high-risk pregnancy, she is determined to fight to get President Obama elected.

“I don’t want what happened to me to happen to other people,” said Rebecca, an Ashburn resident standing in line yesterday at the Loudoun County Fairgrounds to hear First Lady Michelle Obama address supporters. “We’ve got to get out and vote.”

She looked at her young son Lucas in an Obama T-shirt and smiled: “He’s a miracle.” For Rebecca this election is about protecting all Americans’ health coverage by electing President Obama.

“I had to fight when my insurance company said that I’d reached a lifetime limit on coverage when I was on an IV with a high-risk pregnancy,” said Rebecca. “In my case, I won but what about other people? I support President Obama standing up against insurance company abuse.”

Lucas looked up at his mother and smiled, pointing to his Obama shirt. “This is the second rally we’ve been to – he loves the Obamas! The First Lady is just so amazing.”

Rebecca is doing her part to ensure President Obama can continue the progress for four more years and she hopes more people will do theirs.

“Everyone can get involved at some level; you can make calls from home, talk to people at moms groups,” Rebecca said. “Simply talking to your neighbor and telling your story, telling them how President Obama has helped your family can be very powerful. What are you waiting for?”

Fighting back tears, Rebecca said, “This election is really important to my family.”

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