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Queenie in Dale City: “Finish what he started”

Queen is dedicated to making the world a better place, which she says is why she is working to re-elect the President.

“President Obama loves America,” she says. “He’s a president for the people.”

“Queenie,” as she is known, is an engaging, spirited woman who also worked diligently for Obama in 2008 and believes he is making fundamental changes to help the country. A retired federal employee who worked for the Department of Defense and paid into Social Security and Medicare for years, Queenie cites healthcare and education as among the vital reasons she’s supporting Obama.

“I'm a senior citizen and health care benefits are so important to me," she says.

She also admires the President and First Lady’s work to encourage kids to learn, as well as Obama’s support for tuition assistance to help young people go to college.

Queenie volunteers in Dale City, VA, working two to three hours, three times a week. She has registered hundreds of voters, a feat amplified by a recent trip to North Carolina, where she recruited a wide circle of friends and family to get prepared to vote.

"I love working for the campaign,” Queenie says. “We need to put our energies together so we can make things happen.

“I want to make sure Obama is reelected to finish what he started.”

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