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Knocking on Doors in Hampton to Get Out the Vote


With six years of service in the US Air Force, siblings in the military and a current active duty spouse, LeRoyce understands military families and veterans. As a military spouse, she has gone through long deployments, while balancing her own small business – a semi-professional theatrical company based in Hampton, VA – as well as their two children.

LeRoyce is very proud of the President’s record on foreign policy, military engagements, and veterans. However, what she is most proud of is Michelle Obama’s and Dr. Jill Biden’s work with military families. “The First Lady and Dr. Biden took up the military family cause, which is often forgotten when we think of the military,” she said. "It’s not just about the brave men and women who serve in the sandbox or at sea,— their families serve right alongside them. We serve at home, too.”

Despite her exhaustive work weeks, LeRoyce knows exactly how important this election is:

“Average people need to have their voices heard and counted. The President has always stood for and continues to stand for the middle class in America. Those people in the middle are what make this country go ‘round.

“We need to save and grow the middle class and we can only do so through opportunity – which is what the President has stood for his entire four years in office. That is the formula for success: opportunity. I have a son who is twenty-one and a daughter who is sixteen – what’s going to be their fair shot? I haven’t heard the opposition talk about that yet.”

Her weekends are filled with outreach and canvasses to neighbors in Yorktown and she’s even held voter registration drives outside her office in Hampton. She believes that every conversation and every door counts in winning Virginia on November 6.

LeRoyce understands the most important thing is that supporters of the President turn out on Election Day.

Help out by becoming a Get Out the Vote Volunteer.

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