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Olivia: “Voting for a president I really believe in”

VCU student Olivia is making sure she is not going to miss her opportunity to vote in this election by mailing in her absentee ballot.

“I think it’s important for me personally to exercise my right to vote if I want the country to go in a direction I believe in,” said Olivia, a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond.

In less than 50 days, Olivia's vote will be counted in her first presidential election—a moment she’s been looking forward to since turning 18 in 2009. “I think it will be a very exciting to vote for a president I really believe in.”

But like a lot of college and university students attending school away from home, Olivia wouldn’t have be able to go home to vote. She had to use an absentee ballot to cast her vote for President Barack Obama.

The absentee voting process is easy. Olivia just had to fill out an application to get an absentee ballot and then wait for it to arrive. When she received her ballot, she simply had to fill out her ballot completely and then mail it back to the registrar so it’s received by November 6.

More about absentee voting:

For new Virginia voters like Olivia, casting their first presidential vote is an exciting chance to exercise an important right. “I think President Obama is inspiring. I feel like I have a real connection to him. It’ll be exciting to vote for him.”

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