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Obama Works for Every American and Addison Works for Him


Addison spent a recent Saturday canvassing an Arlington neighborhod. When I asked Addison why he decided to spend his Saturday canvassing, he said, "Virginia is a battleground state,” he said, “not only for the president, but also down-ticket for every Democratic candidate."

As we walked the neighborhoods of South Arlington, Addison emphasized the importance of the next four years to the progress of America. "From social issues, like marriage equality, a woman's right to choose, and health care, to foreign policy and immigration—President Obama has us on the right path. We've got a lot of momentum and we need to keep it going, and the next step is winning in November."

From our conversation, it was clear the most important issue to Addison believes strongly is that every American should have a fair chance at success. "Everyone deserves an education and equal opportunity, regardless of the situation they were born into."

"At 23 years-old,” he said, “I understand I have a stake in the system. I know the decisions I make today impact the future, and Barack Obama is the candidate who will make that future the best for America. Obama doesn't represent a zero-sum mentality. He works hard every day, for every American. And I figure I should do all I can to re-elect him."

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