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Christiansburg Veterans Work to Marshal Voters

Michael Thom

Michael Thom

When military veterans gathered in Christiansburg recently, they were on a mission -- to help re-elect Barack Obama, the commander-in-chief.

Working alongside civilian volunteers on a phone bank at the Montgomery County Government Center, they connected with more than 1,000 potential voters that night.

Charles Goodsell, who served in the Army from 1954 to 1956, was motivated in part because of the President’s efforts in behalf of the military and veterans. “Obama has been very strong in his support of the military, as well as helping our veterans get their feet on the ground and overcome obstacles they face when they leave the service.”

It’s a concept Goodsell understands well. The professor emeritus at Virginia Tech’s Center for Public Administration and Policy recalls that the GI Bill helped finance his advanced degrees.

Michael Thom, an Army veteran (1966-1969), is also a veteran of the Obama 2008 campaign. His specialty is data entry – putting information collected through the phone bank and elsewhere into the campaign’s computer system.

He cites Obama’s leadership through the economic crisis as a key reason for his continued support. And he believes “the President can identify with the middle class; Romney can’t.”

These veterans have served their country. Now, they’re serving their commander-in-chief again as campaign volunteers.

Join their ranks -- volunteer to Get Out the Vote for President Obama.

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