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Obama: A Leader for These Critical Times

Tamar calls Obama a leader for our times

“When I was a little girl, I knew that someday a person of color, a Jew or a woman would be president,” said Tamar. Now an accomplished woman in her 50s, she laughs good naturedly at herself, because even as a child she was fascinated by politics.

Although she’s always been a U.S. citizen, Tamar’s views were formed abroad. She was born in Japan, raised in Canada, Germany and Wales, as well as in the United States. This is also one reason she’s a big fan of President Obama: because he lived abroad and has a perspective of the world that extends beyond the boundaries of the U.S., which is critical in these times.

“I feel that Obama is the best possible person to work with the leaders of the world,” Tamar says. “He’s inspirational.”

Tamar was working in Nairobi during the 2008 primaries and was moved by how excited and full of hope people were about Obama becoming president of the United States.

Although Tamar still travels for work and pleasure, she’s been well-rooted in Arlington, VA for 20 years, where she raised her daughter and was a foster mom for some 30 kids during a 12-year period. And she’s still very much engaged in what goes on in the world – professionally, in her work as a writer and in strategic communications, and personally, as a woman, a mother and a person who cares deeply about our country and the world.

All these convictions and experiences contribute to why Tamar supports President Obama, including the fact that his advisers and cabinet include strong, smart women.

“As president, Obama has done as well as anyone possibly could, given what he inherited,” she says. “I love that he’s a visionary with a vision of an America I’d be happy to live in.”

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