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Number One in Leesburg

Cindy of Berryville, Virginia was the very first person in line to see President Obama in Leesburg on Thursday.

Thousands of Virginians converged on the grounds of Loudoun County High School today to hear President Obama speak. While the support for President Obama in the crowd was sizable, there probably wasn't a bigger supporter that day than Cindy of Berryville, Virginia—the first person in line.

A chef by profession, Cindy said if she was given the opportunity to make one thing for President Obama, she would prepare a “nice, hot fudge Sunday.” She jokingly said “it’s nice and easy so I can have more time to chat with him.”

Cindy, who has been waiting outside Loudoun County High on Dry Mill Road since 9 AM, says she supports the President because he's a fighter, and defends the middle class. “Under President Obama I’ve saved money through tax cuts, and members of my community have as well,” she said.

“Glad to be here, and glad to know that I have an advocate for the middle-class in the White House—in President Barack Obama.”

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