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Navy Veteran: Obama Keeping America on the right path


John, having served his nation for 29 years as a United States Navy captain, understands the impact the Commander-in-Chief has on the security of our nation and morale of our military forces. John, after serving under five U.S. presidents, believes that Americans should be proud of President Obama’s military and foreign policy record.

“The president has taken America in a direction that not only protects our security and freedom,” John of Norfolk says, “But also positions us again as a respected leader in the world community.”

According to John, President Obama has done an exceptional job of balancing diplomacy, economic resources, and military assets to ensure America’s interests are protected in a way that demonstrates America’s ability to resolve global challenges.

On Osama bin Laden, John says that President Obama has kept his word on bringing bin Laden to justice, and has always made it clear who deserves credit for getting the job done. “As commander-in-chief, it was President Obama who was ultimately responsible for the success or failure of that mission because he gave the order for the mission to take place,” he said, “But in carrying out the mission, President Obama has always praised the excellence and professionalism of our brave armed forces in the Bin Laden raid.”

John also praises President Obama for leading the effort to responsibly end the war in Iraq, saying that it was the right thing to do.

Now that John is retired, he volunteers with the Obama campaign, canvassing neighborhoods and getting people registered to vote. He sees the work that he is doing now as important to keeping America on the right path.

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