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Meredith: Energized and Ready to Vote


Meredith, single working mother of two, wants to be heard on two vital matters: health care and the so-called 47 percent.

“People have a fundamental right to health care,” says Meredith, who works in risk management for a major financial institution. “I know people who have been denied health insurance or have had to pay outrageous premiums for coverage because of pre-existing conditions.”

Meredith is an ardent Obama supporter and applauds the President’s determination and success moving his health care agenda forward, despite the pitched opposition on the other side of the aise. She’s thankful that her employer offers excellent health insurance for her family, and believes everyone should have access to affordable medical care.

She finds it ironic that Mitt Romney suggested "47 percent of the people who are” with Obama ”believe that they are victims,” when those casting aspersions are acting out the victim role themselves, as if they’ll suffer if people receive health care from the government.

President Obama prevailed in spite of obstructionist efforts during his first four years in office, says Meredith. She felt energized watching the Democratic Convention and believes Obama will continue his work with even greater determination in his next term.

Feel the energy yourself. Sign up as an Election Day volunteer for the President.

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