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Meet National Political Director Katherine Archuleta for a Campaign Update

Latinos for Obama in Henrico

As we reflect upon this Hispanic Heritage month, it’s inspiring to see the efforts underway to prepare Virginia's Latinos for November's election.

Each day, people are pitching in to share their support in so many ways:

  • After seeing the President in a rally, Melissa was so inspired she joined our team to volunteer as an OFA intern before she even began her freshman year of high school!
  • Jose, a 91-year old proudly joined our voter registration booth at the Ecuadorian festival wearing his well-worn and treasured Obama baseball cap.
  • Latinos for Obama groups hosted Democratic Convention watch parties across nine cities in Virginia and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the first Latino keynote speaker of a Democratic convention, drew the admiration of hundreds of volunteers during campaign events in Mount Vernon, Fairfax and Prince William county.
  • Spanish language ads, like this one by Cristina Saralegui, are informing our community about what’s at stake in the election.
  • And Virginia Latinos for Obama groups are organizing and building community in cities large and small—from Virginia Beach to Henrico to Harrisonburg to Mount Vernon to Winchester... where we even had Latino supporters from West Virginia join us!

These stories, and those of so many others, are important reminders that one of the most valuable ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month is to join our growing community working to empower Latino voters and volunteers across Virginia.

As part of Virginia’s Latinos for Obama Hispanic Heritage Month of action-- we invite you to join us in our weekend of action volunteer events with special guest, OFA National Political Director, Katherine Archuleta! Ms. Archuleta is not only the highest ranking Latina on the Obama campaign, she is also the first Latina to hold the position of National Political Director for any major presidential campaign.

Click here to see Katherine Archuleta’s very personal story explaining why re-electing the President is so important. Then sign up to join Katherine Archuleta this Sunday for a special campaign update and a Latinos for Obama training (RSVP here). The event will be followed by a 2 p.m. canvass from OFA-Mount Vernon office (RSVP here).

Remember, by volunteering with the campaign, we give our President four more years to secure a strong and prosperous future for Latinos and all families across America. If Katherine, Jose and Melissa can get involved in making a difference, you can too.

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