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Listen to The Boss: Vote

Bruce Springsteen “The Boss” stopped in Charlottesville today to remind thousands of Virginians of why it’s so important to make sure their voices are heard on November 6.

“I’m thankful for universal healthcare,” the singer said. “I’m thankful for a more regulated Wall Street. I’m thankful GM is still making cars [...] I’m concerned about women’s health issues around the world.”

Following the Springsteen event, Chaz, a Charlottesville-area student, left so inspired that he headed across the street to City Hall to vote absentee-in-person. “The Boss was phenomenal and voting absentee in person was great and super easy,” he said.

Others were inspired to vote absentee in person, too.

“It’s wonderfully convenient,” says Ann, “I live in Charlottesville, but work in Richmond, so it can be difficult for me to get to the polls on Election Day. Voting absentee is quick, easy, and fits perfectly for someone like me!”

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