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John Legend: Standing with President Obama

John Legend met with local business owners and patrons and then talked to a massive crowd of supporters at the Norfolk field office to celebrate President Obama's 51st birthday.

This weekend, John Legend toured local barbershops and joined supporters at a Norfolk block party to celebrate President Obama’s birthday. He spoke to supporters about the progress made under President Obama and how to get involved:

“President Obama came into office under the worst of conditions, but since his policies have gone into effect we’ve seen 4 million private sector jobs created in the last 28 months. We’ve seen a bill passed and signed into law that extends healthcare to more Americans than ever. No longer will we be the only country in the free world where somebody will go broke to be healthy… "He made a bet on American manufacturing and said we are going to bail out the American auto industry to make sure we keep these jobs here in America. When Gov. Mitt Romney said we will let them go bankrupt, [President Obama] said no, we’re going to do the right thing for our workers and we’re going to have a thriving middle-class in America.

"I’m going to fulfill my promise and keep supporting President Barack Obama.”

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