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“It’s all worth it”

James Madison University student Alexa turned her passion for reelecting President Obama into an organizing fellowship this summer.

As a health science major at James Madison University, Alexa wasn’t sure of her lack of formal political science training, but she was sure of her support for President Obama. Alexa knew that she had to turn her passion into action on the eve of a tough election, and dedicated her summer to working as a fellow with OFA-VA. During her summer fellowship, Alexa was able to meet and connect with others who shared her passion about the president, and she distinctly remembers how she was inspired at the Harrisonburg Obama office opening. Here were all these people from her community that she would have never seen or met otherwise, all united by their collective experiences of how President Obama had touched their lives.

When asked about her advice to others thinking about getting involved, Alexa simply states:

“The work may seem daunting, but at the end of the day, I think back to that one person I persuaded to vote for President Obama, and it’s all worth it. Though I didn’t major in political science, I brought a fresh perspective to the table with my expertise in health care, so don’t worry about being an expert, because you will find a connection with the people in your community, no matter what your background is.”

Alexa made a difference this summer as a part of the OFA-VA family, and she invites you to join us as a fellow. Alexa was never a bystander watching the action go by, but took action and worked tirelessly to keep Virginia blue. So don’t miss out on the action and join us like Alexa did by signing up to become a fellow today!

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