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Obamacare: It’s about saving lives

Liz knows first-hand that the Affordable Care Act is saving lives. In her role as a nurse in the heart and vascular clinic of a Charlottesville-area hospital, Liz got to know a woman in her mid-thirties, who came in to be evaluated for open heart surgery.

“She had been operated on as a young child and now needed a second surgery,” Liz says. The young woman had a pre-existing condition, and both she and her husband worked for a small company that did not provide them insurance. “I sent her to financial assistance to see if she qualified, and they told her to get divorced and she would qualify, but with their combined incomes they did not.”

Fortunately, one of Liz’s secretaries remembered that someone had given her information on insurance that was available when the Affordable Care Act was enacted. This policy did not have a pre-existing condition clause, and the young woman was able to call and get insurance coverage for just $168.00 a month.

Liz says, “With a note from her surgeon, they even covered her pre-op visit and diagnostic testing. It really saved her life.”

It’s stories like these that remind us that this Presidential election is about more than ideologies and sound bites. It’s about saving lives. Liz can attest to that.

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