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How about it? Become a summer organizer

There are only four months left in this election -- and only four more months to really make a difference.

Here's one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to pitch in for President Obama and Virginia Democrats: Become a summer organizing fellow.

Take it from me: This is the moment to get involved. Four years ago this summer -- right after my high school graduation -- I packed my bags and moved from Fairfax to Richmond to become an organizing fellow for Barack Obama's campaign. I spent the next months doing everything and anything I could to get out the vote for Barack Obama -- from recruiting and training new volunteers, to organizing phone banks, to registering voters.

The experience of working with a team towards the seemingly unattainable goal of winning in Virginia was unforgettable -- and we did it. I met friends and colleagues who I've been close with ever since, and it's part of what led me to go into public service. Today, I am getting ready to become a public school teacher, and I serve as a National Co-chair for the Obama campaign.

President Obama needs a big win in Virginia if we want to protect better health care for young people, student loan reform, or support for our veterans.

How about it? Apply for a summer organizing fellowship before the July 10th deadline:

Apply to Be a Summer Organizer

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