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"Hard to capture in words"

Presidents Clinton and Obama

We've heard a lot from the speakers at the Democratic National Convention, now hear from one of our delegates from Henrico County, Cheryl, whose experience in Charlotte was so powerful that she said the experience was "hard to capture in words."

Every single speaker, no matter if they are a seasoned political leader or an unsung American hero who has been helped by President Obama’s policies, has done an amazing job of making the case for President Obama’s re-election. From the auto workers whose jobs and communities were saved when President Obama courageously decided to rescue the American auto industry when others (including Mitt Romney) advised to let Detroit go bankrupt to the DREAMers who have been able to pursue an education and career in the only country they have ever called home.

The biggest argument I hear against President Obama has been that he hasn’t focused enough on creating jobs and rebuilding the economy (Sorry, Dad, but I’m calling you out on this one!). Well, I hope those people were listening last night. So many speakers spoke to this issue — from CEOs to laid-off auto workers; from entrepreneurs to fire fighters. President Obama’s priorities have kept teachers in the classroom and police officers and fire fighters on the job. President Obama saved 1.1 million auto industry jobs, and created 250,000 more. And think about the additional jobs that would have been lost if that if that industry was allowed to fail. The trickle-down economics of that would have been devastating for communities across the country!

But I think the best moment on Wednesday came after President Clinton’s rousing speech. It was the state roll call, when we officially nominated Barack Obama as our candidate in 2012. Now they do this in alphabetical order, so Virginia is one of the last states to cast their votes.

There were some highlights that made the wait worthwhile. South Carolina’s votes were cast by Councilwoman Edith Childs. Don’t know that name? Well you know her chant. She’s the woman who started the “Fired Up! Ready to Go!” mantra of the Obama campaign. She fired up the delegations that were still in the Time Warner arena at 12:45 am. And then when it was Virginia’s turn…Well, that’s hard to capture in words. It is a great feeling to cast your votes for the candidate you’ve worked for since 2007 — the candidate that gave you hope in 2007 and that you continue to believe will move our country forward in 2012.

My President has worked tirelessly for me. I’m better off than I was 4 years ago. I no longer have to worry that one day I will be denied health insurance for my pre-existing condition that kept from working—Well I don’t have to worry if President Obama is re-elected. If he isn’t, than I have a lot to worry about. And I’m not alone.

This is just one of the reasons I support President Obama. He shares my values. He shares my vision for what America should be—and can be. I could not be more proud to be a delegate in 2012 and casting my vote for his nomination has been an amazing experience.

– Cheryl, Henrico County

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