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Phone banking in Centreville
Volunteers packed a phone bank in Centreville on the eve of the first vice presidential debate.

On the night of the first vice presidential debate, volunteers around Virginia joined phone banks to reach out to thousands of Virginians. Phone banks are an important part of our grassroots campaign. Instead of watching ads anonymously funded by super PACs, voters get to hear directly from everyday Virginians about why they support the Obama-Biden team.

They get to hear from Virginians like Rebecca who’s fighting to protect other middle-class families from the threat of arbitrary health insurance company abuse. They get to hear from people like Zach who can now focus on his studies instead of getting seriously injured or sick. They get to hear from a firefighter named Tiffanye who knows the President has the backs of America’s first responders.

The heart of this campaign is made up by our volunteers and supporters. No matter how much experience —or lack thereof— you have, if we all band together, no amount of super PAC funding can drown out our voices.

Some easy-to-understand math: Grassroots organizing > Super PACs

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