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Ghazali writes of Obama’s successes

Ghazali recently wrote to his mother-in-law about President Obama and the upcoming election as part of his own personal campaign to get his family to vote. In a letter that emphasized the importance of women’s issues, he said: “You have to ask yourself. Has your life improved in the last four years? Yes!”

A native of Sri Lanka, Ghazali joined the World Bank as an information analyst, where he worked for more than 30 years. He got his citizenship two years ago and is married with children. This year marks his first vote in a presidential election but he’s seen a lot during his life here.

“During his first term, President Obama accomplished more than any president in recent years,” Ghazali says, with a not-too-veiled reference to a previous administration. “This is despite the recalcitrance of the Republican House and inheriting a broken economy.”

Ghazali pointed to some of Obama’s signature achievements:

    • Rescuing the economy from a deep recession;
    • Reducing the threat of Al Qaeda by taking out Osama bin Laden;
    • Adding millions of private sector jobs to the economy;
    • Saving the U.S. auto industry;
    • Enacting signature universal health care legislation that no president before him has been able to do.

Citing the administration’s work to first stabilize and then improve the economy, Ghazali said, “President Obama has started something and he needs to finish.”

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