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Fourth Years Voting for Four More Years

After a rousing chorus of “Four more years!” erupted during the President’s speech in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month, Obama interjected, “Don’t just chant, you gotta vote!” Students at the University of Virginia, especially female students, are fully embracing the President’s call to action. We understand how much is at stake in this election for college students, for women, for immigrants, for the LGBTQ community, and for the middle class. From now until November 6, U.Va, students are taking to the streets of Charlottesville to express their support for the President.

Emily, a fourth year student at U.Va., insists, “I am voting for Obama because the Affordable Care Act makes sure I have health insurance to afford the medication for a chronic illness and still succeed as a full-time college student. Also, with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, President Obama is working towards making sure I receive fair pay for the work I do with my degrees.”

Like many other students in their last year of college, Emily is focused on jobs and the economy, as well as her physical well-being. Without the support of the President and his policies, Emily would struggle to physically attend college.

Another student, when asked why she will vote for the President, proclaimed simply, “Love is love.” Obama’s repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and official support for same-sex marriage resonates with progressive youth who want a life of equality for all Americans.

Personally, I am voting for the President because his policies have focused on giving young Americans the tools we need to succeed. Whether it’s creating the “Pay As You Earn” student loan program, advocating for the DREAM Act, or fighting for contraception without co-pays, President Obama stands with the youth of America, especially young women. As I leave college, I know I will have the chance to succeed if Obama is in office.

With four more years, all fourth years, all college students, and all young women will have that chance to succeed.

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