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Dorothy: Not the time to sit out

Dorothy of Hampton Roads

Dorothy, a Norfolk educator of 14 years, is fired up after seeing President Obama this weekend in Virginia Beach. In 2008, Dorothy did not volunteer on the campaign. But after seeing the middle-class battered over the years, she decided to step up to start up one of the first neighborhood teams in Norfolk dedicated to reelecting President Obama.

Being on a neighborhood team was quite the journey, but she quickly took the lead to become a voter registration captain on her team. “I love getting people registered to vote because voting is the one way that people will be able to speak up for the candidate for their choice,” she said.

In March of this year, she was confirmed as a neighborhood team leader, a great moment for her. It meant a lot for Dorothy to have the opportunity to continue to do something to directly support President Obama, the candidate who she says has been looking out for the middle-class since day 1. She cites the current Congressional threat of not extending middle-class tax cuts as a motivator to help elect and reelect Democrats up and down the ticket.

Dorothy said, “This is not the time to sit out.”

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